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Wuppertaler Schwebebahn

Though the Wuppertaler Schwebebahn is a landmark and famous sight of the city, most Germans, don’t give it a second thought. Given the many technical marvels and inventions that the country has brought forth, even a more than hundred-year-old suspended railway seems no big deal, especially one that integrates so well with other modes of transport that it is barely noticeable as something special. My mother is from Wuppertal and remembers waiting by the Schwebebahn for her father to come home from work.  As she remembers those moments her marvel at the Schwebebahn is still fresh in her memory. She said her next visit to Wuppertal she will ride the Schwebebahn a few times.

We’ll leave you with this video, a real treasure for Schwebebahn enthusiasts: Hop on and enjoy the ride, hanging over the river, enjoying Wuppertal’s greenery and seeing station approaching... 


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